Cited analysis of articles with keywords of ‘Instructional Design’ in DOAJ

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Feriha Emel Yaman
Zehra Ozcinar


The purpose of this study was to provide 158 Open-Access Magazine Guides, 158 of which were found in the magazines covered by the Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ; from the beginning until the end of 2016) subjects; number of authors; number of citations; distribution of keywords; and distribution of magazines by country, author and citations. The authors of the most cited articles, the number of citations and years, the number of citations the authors have taken on a country basis, and page numbers and bibliographic numbers are examined. It is believed that in the current literature there is only one study on instructional design and it is necessary and important because of its contribution to the field. The fact that the articles published in the electronic magazines published in the DOAJ Open Access Guide used the term ‘Instructional Design’ in the keywords to reach the relevant articles constitutes the limitation of this study. This research is a quantitative study in the screening model because it is a research approach that identifies the situation that exists in the past and the present. Content analysis was done because the articles were examined in terms of content. The titles were searched, and the obtained data were uploaded to the spreadsheet program and the tables were created. The data were analysed by interpreting the tables by calculating the frequencies and percentages.

Keywords: Citation analysis, DOAJ, instructional design, open access.


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Yaman, F., & Ozcinar, Z. (2020). Cited analysis of articles with keywords of ‘Instructional Design’ in DOAJ. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 12(1), 55-71.