Transformation of engineering education through student-centric learning

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Jagadeesh Basavaiah
Audre Arlene Anthony
Chandrashekar Mohan Patil


Modernisation in higher education is one of the major objectives to meet the universal challenges and provide higher knowledge-based and sustainable development levels. It is decisive to encourage the quality of teaching and innovative pedagogy. Technological advancement has led to the development of many efficient methods for innovative pedagogies in the field of education. Engineering education is built on a new-fangled standard in which engineering is to be practiced with technical expertise as well as social responsibility. The teaching fraternity has incorporated a lot of teaching strategies for changing teacher-centric education to learner-centric education. This paper aims to present the aspects of the teaching–learning process, teaching pedagogy and curricular approaches of engineering pedagogy and study the teaching strategies followed by engineering teachers. To study the different teaching strategies followed by teachers in engineering education, an online survey on teaching strategies was conducted for the engineering teaching fraternity all over India. The survey depicts that there is a change in the teaching and learning process from teacher-centric education to learner-centric education. Almost 80%–90% of the teachers follow student-centric teaching by using different tools and strategies, which in turn results in outcome-based education.


Keywords: Engineering education, learning, learner-centric, outcome-based education, pedagogy, teaching, teaching strategies.


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Basavaiah, J., Anthony , A. A. ., & Patil, C. M. . (2021). Transformation of engineering education through student-centric learning. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 13(1), 32–41.