The views of English teachers’ towards school management and school managers*

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Nazim Kasot
Mehmet Guneyli


In this research, it is aimed to evaluate the teaching of English in North Cyprus on the basis of educational administration. The scope of education management was determined according to the opinions concerning school management and school administrators. Qualitative research approach and case study model were used as basis in the research. Participants were selected in accordance with the purposeful sampling, maximum diversity and easily accessible case sampling. Accordingly, 23 English teachers from 6 districts working in secondary education of Norhern Cyprus Ministry of National Education  were selected. The data were obtained through interviews and analyzed by content analysis. It is an important result of this research that school administrators have positive perspectives towards English teaching. It has been revealed that school administrators do not expect different tasks from English teachers when compared to other course teachers. It was noteworthy that the building of English language classrooms was one of the striking expectations of English teachers from school administrators.

Keywords: Foreign language education, English teaching, school management, school administrators, North Cyprus;


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Kasot, N. ., & Guneyli , M. . (2021). The views of English teachers’ towards school management and school managers* . International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 13(3), 158–183.