Analysis of scientific contents of house products

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Marina Magaña
Belen Fernandez-Sanchez
Angel Ezquerra


The necessity of an adequate scientific literacy is a fact. In addition, there is a lack of connection between the contents working in science classes and the daily-life issues of students. These circumstances make us to consider the necessity of analysing the everyday situations in which individuals can come across scientific contents. In this context, this communication presents the compendium of the results of previous studies about the scientific content found in different types of products used habitually at home (food, electric and electronic devices, textile and household cleaning products). The results collect the units of information, which are classified in different categories: physical units, composition, procedures and security instructions. The conclusions suggest there is many scientific contents in house products and individuals should be able to face up to the labelling information of them. Therefore, basic curriculum should be adapted to these demands. Furthermore, teachers should take into account how to bring these contents into their classes.


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Magaña, M., Fernandez-Sanchez, B., & Ezquerra, A. (2016). Analysis of scientific contents of house products. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 8(1), 12–19.


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