Family environment and emotional quotient in primary school 3rd grade students

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Hadiye Kucukkaragoz


In this research, Emotional Quotient (EQ) levels of 3rd grade primary school students are investigated with respect to a number of psycho-social variables. The EQ level is examined according to the income status of the family, education level and professions of parents and etc. Whether its environment makes a significant difference on eq when these variables are limited is examined. Target population of the study consists of 3rd grade primary school students who are registered to five middle socio-economic status schools in the city center and two townships’ schools in the countryside within Izmir city borders in the 2015-2016 academic term. Sample group consists of randomly selected 167 students who are 3rd graders studying in the same classes in mentioned schools. Research is designed in relational screening model. In this research, personal information form and EQ scale for children both developed by researcher are used as data collection tools. For the statistical analysis of the collected data, independent samples t test, one-way analysis of variance, Kruskal Wallis, Mann Whitney U tests are used. According to the search results, EQ levels of 3rd grade students vary significantly with respect to family income, mother’s and father’s profession, mother’s and father’s educational level, household size and preschool experience.  There are significant differences according to family income levels, mothers' professions and education levels, fathers' professions and education levels, the number of members of the students' families and whether students continue their pre-school education. The results are discussed on the basis of the literature and suggestions are presented..        

Key words: Emotional intelligence; student; family; primary school; environment;


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Kucukkaragoz, H. (2020). Family environment and emotional quotient in primary school 3rd grade students. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(2), 336-348.